Human Remains From Lahaina Wildfire Found In Courthouse

Maui police also said the number of people who have not been accounted for since the Aug. 8 fire dropped to seven.

West Maui May Reopen To Tourism On Oct. 8 As Economic Slowdown Predicted

The Hawaii governor also plans to distribute $1,200 to each adult affected by the Lahaina blaze.

‘The Lives We Lost’ Tells A Different Story About The People Who Died In Lahaina

Most of the stories about the people who perished in the Aug. 8 fire have focused on the circumstances of their death. We want to write about their lives.

Lahaina’s Large Immigrant Community Is Facing A Unique Struggle In The Fire’s Aftermath

Losing important documents is a real problem while fear and mistrust of government agencies has inhibited some from seeking aid, experts say.

Lahaina Fire Survivors Struggle To Put Lives Back Together

A steady stream of cars rolled into the devastated seaside town after authorities reopened access just before sunrise on Wednesday

Maui’s Top Emergency Officials Were Off Island As Wildfires Hit Lahaina

Local leaders say they were caught by surprise because the scale of Tuesday’s fire was unprecedented. But the warning has been sounded for years.