Bee There!

Spelling Bee Teams Seniors and Fifth Graders for Intergenerational Fun

What is the Spelling Bee?

Eastham’s 30 year-old intergenerational spelling bee returned to the

Eastham Senior Center

April 28 after a COVID hiatus. It teams fifth graders from

Eastham Elementary School

and local senior citizens to compete in a good-natured spelling competition.

Who participated in the Spelling Bee?

This year five teams comprising more than 30 students and seniors spelled together. The teams even included a grandmother-granddaughter pair

Will there be another Spelling Bee?

The beloved tradition has been going strong for more than 30 years. However, during COVID it went on hiatus, but now that it has returned CoA director Dorothy Burritt says people are looking forward to embracing the yearly event again and have even begun planning for next year.