Hawaii Should Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Fire Forecasts, Researchers Say

The ability to provide enhanced risk assessments now exists, but it needs help getting off the ground.

Lahaina Families Frustrated Over Lack Of Child Care Options

The historic Maui town, which already suffered from a child care shortage, lost 255 licensed seats in the August wildfires.

Hawaii Officials Learned Little From A 2018 Fire That Foreshadowed Lahaina

The state says it has no “after action review” of the earlier blaze and if Maui County ever completed its version, it was never widely disseminated.

Human Remains From Lahaina Wildfire Found In Courthouse

Maui police also said the number of people who have not been accounted for since the Aug. 8 fire dropped to seven.

Hotel Doors Are Shutting For Some Lahaina Fire Victims

Homeless people and those who can’t prove their eligibility are being told to leave as Safe Harbor program ends.

Invasive Species Are Radically Altering Hawaii’s Ecology

The risk of unprecedented fires is primarily due to poor land management, a plantation-era legacy.

This Hawaii Super PAC Says It’s Raising Money For Wildfire Victims — And Political Candidates Too

Money raised for direct relief could end up being used for political candidates and activities.

West Maui May Reopen To Tourism On Oct. 8 As Economic Slowdown Predicted

The Hawaii governor also plans to distribute $1,200 to each adult affected by the Lahaina blaze.

‘The Lives We Lost’ Tells A Different Story About The People Who Died In Lahaina

Most of the stories about the people who perished in the Aug. 8 fire have focused on the circumstances of their death. We want to write about their lives.

Economic Shocks From Wildfires Reverberate Across Maui

Local businesses struggle to cope as visitor spending drops $15 million per day, economists say.