Hawaii Lawmakers Had Big Ideas For How To Prevent Another Lahaina. Few Became Law

A House working group found a long list of things Hawaii needs to do to protect itself from fire, but many of those recommendations will fall to the new state fire marshal to implement.

Volunteer Firefighters Are Big On The Mainland. Not So Much In Hawaii

The ability of fire departments to muster extra help during major wildfires is a critical issue for the state as it grapples with how to prevent another disaster like Lahaina. 

1,100 Pieces Of Testimony Against A Bill Went Missing For Days. The Bill Passed And Then The Opponents’ Letters Showed Up

Hundreds of Lahaina fire victims came out strongly against a bill that could allow HECO to impose a new fee on customers to help prevent wildfires.

Hawaii Governor Will Take ‘Unilateral Action’ To Restore Historic Wetland In Lahaina

With legislative efforts dead this session, Native Hawaiian leaders remain encouraged by what they’re hearing from elected officials and seeing on the ground.

Most Wildfires Are Put Out Quickly. But That’s Causing More Severe Fires

With conventional fire suppression, the average fire size will increase faster as the planet warms.

Industrial Fishing Poses A Greater Threat To Turtles, Sharks And Seals Than Previously Thought

Risk calculations likely underestimate the impact of undetected fishing vessels operating in key ocean habitats.

Mokulele Airlines Seeks Federal Aid To Stabilize ‘Unprofitable’ Lanai Service

The company has no plans to cancel its Lanai service, but it needs taxpayer-funded support as a work-around to raising ticket prices.

Federal Farm Census Shows Hawaii’s Agriculture Is Still In Decline

The U.S. Department of Agriculture census paints a sorry picture for Hawaii’s goals of increasing food production.

Kauai Fire Deals $20 Million Blow To Affordable Housing

The controversial project was nearing completion when it burned down over the weekend.

Lahaina Fire Death Toll Rises To 101 After Police Identify Remains Of Missing Person

Maui officers are continuing to search for the two people left on their “credible missing persons list” from the Aug. 8 fires.